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Way back in 1994 a handful of the members of THE WESLEYAN CONFERENCE conceived an idea of establishing an English medium school in the suburbs of Vapi. With the dedicated and determined effort of the Wesleyan Conference the school began with 13 students. Since then this educational institution has never looked back and has been marching towards the goal of imparting education to the students. The primary aim of the WES is to inculcate and nurture the Indian culture and tradition.

 Today the school in its 19th year is a Higher Secondary School with a team of qualified and dedicated teachers. This success story gave the management strength and courage to open a branch at Dandi to enlighten the young mind to the growing needs of modern education with computer facilities. Interactive Smart Classes have been introduced to excel in the competitive world. Even though academic excellence is our prime motto we at the school give importance to extracurricular activities which go hand in hand with academic excellence. To produce best brain of the town we have tried to put qualities in the students. We are successful in this arena. The school has a proud position of 95% results in the board exams of X and XII. The travel no doubt has witnessed many ups and downs but ultimately it has been able to stand in spite of all odds. The WES can now be categorized as a 'Tested and Trusted Educational Institution' having imparted education to hundreds of students.

 Above all it has been proudly contributing its humble and noble mission of making the future citizens of our country literate.

Our Campus

Activities at School

  • We at the WES have maintained a track of participating in all the Inter-School competitions held over Valsad district.

  • Here are a few competitions in which the students participated.

  • TABLE TENNIS AT FELLOWSHIP : The students of our school participated in the table tennis competition at Fellow ship Mission school. The active participation of the school is applauded.

  • LUMENS SCHOOL DRAWING COMPETITION : In its inaugural year Lumens school organized a drawing competition for the students. Our students participated in these drawing competitions and won prizes for the same.

  • MAHARASHTRA MITRA MANDAL COMPETITION : Every year Maharashtra Mitra Mandal organizes Rangoli and Patriotic singing competition for the students of Std. VII-X. Students of our school participated and were awarded certificates for participation.

  • NAVNEET DRAWING COMPETITION : Navneet organizes drawing and painting competition for the students of I to X. Best drawing and paintings are selected and gift hampers are awarded to those who excel in it.

  • STATE BANK OF PATIALA DRAWING COMPETITION : The Bank organized a drawing competition as a part of their promotion drive. The students actively participated and were awarded gifts.

  • SCIENCE OLYMPIAD FOUNDATION : SOF organizes Olympiad exams for Computer, Science, and Maths, English i.e. Cyber Olympiads, National Science Olympiads, International Math's Olympiads and International English Olympiads. Nearly 200 students of STD III to X participated in the above mentioned exams and few students were qualified for the 2nd rounds which were held in other school.

  • SUSHANT PUSTAKALAY : organizes different competitions for the students of preprimaryto STD X. The students of our school participated in Spelling Competition,Drawing Competition, Poetry Competition and Story Competition. The studentsactively participated and were awarded certificates for the same

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